Urban lighting systems are an important part of urban infrastructure . Public lighting control control solutions are an important component of the trend of building smart cities. The objectives of the remote control monitoring systems for public lighting include:

  • Save energy.
  • Monitor the operating status of the lighting equipment
  • Providing a reporting system for the operation and regulation of lighting systems
  • Serving for making senior management reports
  • Optimize resources in operating the lighting system

Solution of control, management and supervision of public lighting system of Telecommunication Infrastructure Development Investment Joint Stock Company (IFC) provides management, supervision and control of Effective, accurate and safe lighting system. The solution was developed based on data transmission technologies on the power transmission line (PLC technology), data transmission via radio waves (RF technology), data transmission via mobile networks (GPRS or 3G). ).

The combination of data transmission technologies and programming techniques creates a synchronous system from data transmission layer to control system software, monitoring and warning application software to meet operational needs. , monitor and remote control, save energy and optimize resources.

System characteristics

  • Using RF / PLC data transmission technology
  • Control signal and lighting data are transmited via 3G / 4G data network of mobile service providers in Vietnam
  • Control a variety of lights
  • Database management system: Oracle 11G, 12C
  • Database backup: Oracle Data Guard

The main function of the system

  • Collecting and monitoring: active energy, voltage, current, active power of each Light control cabinet
  • Control instantanous switching lights
  • Schedule switching controls over time
  • Dimming brightness instantly
  • Dimming brightness according to a set schedule
  • The application software system is modularized, easy to expand, upgrade without affecting the system architecture.
  • Standard intranet and Ethernet, support TCP / IP protocol
  • Friendly interface based on Microsoft Windows, easy to exploit data and operate
  • Ready to communicate with other data systems (MDMS, CMIS, OMS …) according to IEC-61970 / IEC-61968 (CIM)
  • Customers are supported to develop new features in accordance with business operation management requirements.

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