This solution uses GPRS / 3G modems that communicate with electronic meters via RS232 / RS485 serial communication port. The communication connection between the modem and the management server system is made on the TCP / IP transmission channel created by the data service ( GPRS / 3G) of the mobile service provider.

Appropriate solutions for meter data collection electronics 3 phase 3 customer tariffs specialized stations, public stations, metering delivery, factory electricity, … .

Modem in the system operates in the following modes:

Push Mode (Data Push): Modem actively collects electronic meter data according to the programmed frequency, stored in memory and sends data to the server. In this case, the GPRS / 3G Modem considers the electronic meter as a managed object.

Pull mode: The modem connects to the HES server system, creating a smooth data transmission channel between the electronic meter and the data reader server. At this time, the modem simply acts as a device to create a “pipe” to transmit data between the meter and the HES server. Data reading is done by electronic meter reading program on HES server.

System characteristics

  • Transfer data to the server via 2G / 3G / 4G data network of mobile service providers in Vietnam
  • Each modem manages and collects data for an electronic meter (Single mode). In some cases, a modem connects and reads data for multiple electronic meters connected in serial communication (Multidrop).
  • Integrated system of many electronic meter protocols: IEC 62056 -21 / DLMS / DLT (China)
  • Collecting data of all types of meters on Vietnam’s electricity grid
  • Default data collection frequency: 30 minutes / time. Can be customized.
  • Average success rate of data collection: 98%
  • Database management system: Oracle 11G, 12C
  • Database backup mechanism: Oracle Data Guard

The main function of the system

Data collected by meter :

  • Instantaneous operation parameters: U, I, P, C osφ phases A, B, C and total.
  • Instantaneous power index 3 rates and the total price according to the delivery direction. Reactive power index of total forwarder.
  • Load chart (Loadprofile)
  • Key latching power indicator.
  • Countdown events
  • Maxdemand

Basic function

  • OTA function to update firmware and configure Modem remotely via TCP / IP
  • Output calculation function
  • Power failure warning function
  • Warning function of over voltage, over current, phase imbalance
  • Meter event warning function
  • Alarm time difference function meter.
  • Support remote time synchronization.
  • Reports serving the monitoring, operation and handling of errors.
  • Software is modularized, easy to expand, upgrade without affecting the system architecture.
  • Standard intranet and Ethernet, support TCP / IP protocol
  • Friendly robot interface based on Microsoft Windows, easy to exploit data and operate
  • Ready to communicate with other data systems (MDMS, CMIS, OMS …) according to IEC-61970 / IEC-61968 (CIM)
  • Customers are supported to develop new features in accordance with business operation management requirements.
  • Warranty service, maintenance and technical support 24/7