Through field surveys, power plants (hydropower, thermal power plants) have a high demand for monitoring power output through metering meters (high and stable data collection frequency, low latency, low monitoring bridge at the station …). In addition, many hydroelectric plants are located in mountainous areas, remote areas, where mobile services with very low quality are not even available. In these areas, using data transmission solutions via mobile data services (GPRS / 3G / 4G) is not feasible. Meanwhile, fiber optic Internet and copper cable services are popular in 100% power plants.

IFC has provided data collection solutions at power plants using a variety of data transmission options to suit the characteristics of each plant. For areas with GPRS / 3G mobile service, the use of a modem to collect data may be applied. With a factory location without mobile data service or low quality, data transmission via the internet can be applied.

In this solution, the centralized and applied data management system is located at the Data center of Power Corporations. Data from power plants (collected in any form) is transmitted to centralized management system and decentralized exploitation to units via web application.

Plan for data transmission via Internet channel: Using a remote computer, collecting data on the spot and transferring data to the centralized management server system.

Model using wifi connection at the power plant

Tổ chức hệ thống AMR cho nhà máy điện

System characteristics

  • Option to use Client computer at the station or use equipment collected over wifi
  • Transfer data to the server via the Internet.
  • Each Client computer manages and collects data for many electronic meters.
  • Integrated system of various electronic meter protocols : IEC 62056-21 / DLMS / DLT (China)
  • Collecting data of all types of meters on Vietnam’s electricity grid
  • Default data collection frequency : 30 minutes / time. Can be customized.
  • Average success rate of data collection: 98%
  • Database management system: Oracle 11G, 12C
  • Database backup mechanism: Oracle Data Guard

The main function of the system

Data collected by meter :

  • Instantaneous operation parameters: U, I, P, C osφ phases A, B, C and total.
  • Instantaneous power index 3 rates and the total price according to the delivery direction. Reactive power index of total forwarder.
  • Load chart (Loadprofile)
  • Key latching power indicator.
  • Countdown events
  • Maxdemand

Basic function

  • Output calculation function
  • Power failure warning function
  • Warning function of over voltage, over current, phase imbalance
  • Meter event warning function
  • Alarm time difference function meter.
  • Support for time synchronization of meters remotely.
  • Reports serving the monitoring, operation and handling of errors.
  • Software is modularized, easy to expand, upgrade without affecting the system architecture.
  • Standard intranet and Ethernet, support TCP / IP protocol
  • Friendly robot interface based on Microsoft Windows, easy to exploit data and operate
  • Ready to communicate with other data systems (MDMS, CMIS, OMS …) according to IEC-61970 / IEC-61968 (CIM)
  • Customers are supported to develop new features in accordance with business operation management requirements.
  • Warranty service, maintenance and technical support 24/7