About us

Infrastructure Investment and Development Consultant Joinstock Company (IFC) was established in 2004, operating in the field of investment, research, development and manufacture of hardware and software products. used in the fields of electronics – telecommunications, information technology, automation …
With 18 years of experience operating in the field of investment, research and development, equipment design and manufacture, solution provision, service deployment, maintenance and operation of meter data collection systems (AMR), SCADA / EMS / DMS controling and monitoring system, urban lighting control system (SmartLight) and large scale management system with top quality in Vietnam.
For businesses aiming to use intelligent systems to manage energy and optimize resources, IFC is the perfect choice.


As a developer & researcher, solution consultant, system and service provider in the field of intelligent energy management.

We provide a full range of solutions from equipment supply, software programming, project implementation, maintenance and operation and technical support for service exploitation in the field of monitoring and control of Intelligent energy management system:

  • Automatic Meter Reading (AMR)
  • Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition For medium voltage electrical equipment (Scada / DMS)
  • Monitoring & control of smart lighting system (SmartLight)


Resources and achievements

IFC Company has a staff of over 100 employees in 3 Regional Centers (North, Central and South) and hundreds of collaborators in Provinces and Cities. Taking Research and Development as the core to create perfect and differentiated products and services in order to maintain the competitive advantage of a leading enterprise in the field of providing data collection services. electronic meter materials (AMR) and automation solutions, intelligent control.

IFC Company has provided the service of collecting electronic meter data (AMR) with the scale of hundreds of thousands of measuring points at 7 companies and Power Corporations nationwide:

  • Northern Power Corporation
  • Central Power Corporation
  • Southern Power Corporation
  • Hanoi Power Corporation
  • Ho Chi Minh City Power Corporation Ho Chi Minh
  • Khanh Hoa Power Joint Stock Company
  • Danang Power Company Limited

And hundreds of thermal power plants, hydroelectricity across the country